How does Ozow work? (How to pay with Ozow)
Thank you for enquiring about the Instant EFT via Ozow. There truly isn’t an easier or faster way to use Prepaid24, 
with your tokens/products delivered to you within seconds!

Kindly find the steps on how to purchase your prepaid essentials through Prepaid24 with an Instant EFT via Ozow:

1. Create your order on Prepaid24.
2. Select the “Instant EFT via Ozow” as your payment option during checkout.
3. Select your bank from the list provided.
4. Log in using your internet banking details.
5. Select the account you wish to pay from.
6. The automated process will navigate and populate the relevant fields on your behalf in the background.
7. To verify your payment, your bank will send you an OTP (one-time password) or mobile authentication code
     to verify the payment.
8. Once you’ve authorized your payment, your payment will be complete.
9. You will return to a “Payment Successful” page where your tokens/product confirmation will be displayed.

Here is a visual representation of the Ozow Instant EFT purchase process on Prepaid24:

There is no need to send through a proof of payment and you won’t need to wait for the funds to reflect in our bank account. 

You will simply be able to enjoy the convenience of instant product delivery.
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